Christmas Gift Guide 2021

Christmas Gift Guide 2021

It's that time of year again and to take the stress out of Christmas shopping, we've put together a comprehensive list to help you to choose the best gifts for both the dogs and dog lovers in your life!           

Up first, The Pups!

If you're welcoming a new puppy into your life this festive season then congratulations! Welcome to the best club in the world! Here are a few items that you'll definitely need:

  1.  Tag & Collar Set 
    The perfect welcome home gift! Choose your favourite tag from over 10 different shapes, colours and landscapes and pair it with an RMD all weather collar in one of our popular mountain designs!

  2. Leash

    Our all-mountain leashes blend durability, function and outdoor appeal! Fully adjustable it can be used hand-held or worn around your waist for hands free functionality! Oh and did we mention you can match with your collar!

  3. Training Treats

    Start off the right way and reward your puppy for all the good behaviours with these tiny training treats!

  4. Poop Bag Dispenser

    This little dispenser clips on to your RMD leash and features two velcro strips to keep it snug and prevent any annoying jingling!

  5. Puppy Backpack

    Perfect for the first few months that your pup is unable to join you on hiking or biking adventures, this K9 Sport Sack means he can join you whilst keeping cosy and safe on your back!

The best bundle for the pups: New Puppy Bundle!

The Adventure Dogs

Treat your best bud this Christmas to some brand new gear, ready to hit the trails in the new year!

  1. Harness

    Featuring a front and back leash clip, this no-pull walking harness will mean no more choking or pulling for those strong-willed dogs! We’ve also designed our harnesses to look great while still being durable and long lasting. It's the best adventure dog harness in the Rockies!

  2. Trail Snacks

    Just like us, our dogs need energy whilst out there adventuring and what better than trail mix! A variety treat pack mixed with wholesome morsels made with only natural ingredients; perfect!

  3. Boots

    These Canadian made boots will protect your dogs paws from all winter elements including salt, snow, rocks and rubble; adventure safe in the knowledge that your pup is protected.

  4. Rex Specs

    The ultimate in adventure dog gear! Whether you’re hiking a mountain, trudging through blinding snow, or cruising on a mountain highway while the sun sets, Rex Specs offer the ultimate protect for your dogs eyes.

  5. Paw Cream

    Handcrafted in Calgary, Alberta, protect your pup’s paws from the harsh outdoor elements like snow, ice, salt and the jagged rocks of the Rocky Mountains.

The best bundle for adventure dogs: All-Mountain Hiking Bundle

The Toy Lovers

  1. West Paw Toys

    The ultimate in eco-friendly toys, West Paw offer everything from discs to puzzle feeders and tough balls to tug toys!

  2. Nina Ottosson 

    Flip, slide and treat! Fight boredom, engage and entertain your dog with the Nina Ottosson Dog Brick treat dispensing dog toy.

  3. Classic KONG

    Offering endless enrichment, the KONG has an erratic bounce that is ideal for dogs that like to chew while also fulfilling a dog’s need to play. Be sure to stuff with tempting treats and entice with a dash of peanut butter.

  4. Wildknots Bear

    Soft and cuddly on the outside while durable and strong on the inside, Wild Knots bears are sure to be a hit with their knotted skeleton and squeaker to entice play.

  5. Hide A Squirrel

    What's more fun than chasing squirrels at the park? Finally there's a toy version of your pup's favorite pastime. Just stuff the squeaky squirrels in the soft tree trunk, and watch your dog pull them out one by one!

The Humans

  1. Toque
    An outdoor must-have that was originally designed as a workwear essential, this is your go-to headwear for cold winter days, hiking and nights around the campfire. 

  2. Crewneck Sweater
    A sweater that's so soft you'll never want to take it off. It's the one sweater you'll enjoy year-round ideal for hikes early in the morning, later in the evening or hanging out by the campfire.

  3. Rocky Mountains Hoodie
    What's better than being at home in the Rocky Mountains? Having it tattooed on your back! Well, not literally tattooed but it will be on the back of this super soft, super cosy hoodie!

  4. Coffee Mug
    The ultimate coffee mug for adventuring with your dog in the wilderness. Perfect for early morning coffee when you step outside your tent, sitting around the campfire sipping on a cocktail or right at home drinking coffee with the dog on your lap.

  5. Trucker Hat

    A classic snap-back hat that fits like a glove. Features our Rocky Mountain Dog logo with a snap-back to fit all sizes. Wear it hiking, in the car or even just around the house, your dog will be proud!

The best bundle for humans: Apparel Bundle

🎄Happy Shopping!🎄