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Become a Retailer

Become a Retailer


Want to join the adventure! Become a Rocky Mountain Dog retailer and be part of our journey. We are a lifestyle brand selling adventure gear to dogs and their owners. Our mission is to make those moments special when you are in the mountains with your dog, let’s make these moments happen together.

We hope you consider becoming a retailer, download our retailer wholesale presentation for more information.


Becoming a Rocky Mountain Dog retailer benefits your dog-loving business. It appeals to your target demographic – dog owners who enjoy the outdoors, mountains and hiking with their best friend. Our mission is to make those moments special for dog owners when they are outdoors with their dog.

  • Wholesale prices
  • Dog gear that appeals to outdoor, mountain and hiking enthusiasts
  • Local Canadian owned business
  • Competitive wholesale prices
  • Unique, well made, quality products
  • Lots of inventory
  • Differentiate product offering

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Want to be a Retailer?