Man and Dog (Duck Toller) At Moraine Lake

About Us

We may have bitten off more than we can chew, no pun intended, but we decided to start a dog company. That was a couple of years ago now and to be honest with you, it didn't do very well. 

I was amazed at what Shopify could do so I decided to build an e-commerce site and thought they would come... nobody came. It was a dropship model pet store with a ton of products that we didn't own or brand. I learned an important lesson from that experience... and has been reinforced by reading, listening to a lot of podcasts and seeing how the internet landscape is dominated by a few tech giants today. A brand is everything.

I went back to the drawing board after my first attempt but it took some time to formulate. Over time it became more and more clear, I wanted to make moments special when you're in the mountains with your dog. 

That's how Rocky Mountain Dog was born. We are a lifestyle brand that sells adventure gear to dogs and their owners. Our mission is to make moments special when you're in the mountains with your dog. We build gear that is meant for the mountains, for the outdoors, for the harsh conditions of rain, snow, heat and cold. We also know it's not just about the gear, it's a lifestyle, it's you, it's all of us.

We're starting from the ground up. We developed the logo, designed all of the gear, sourced suppliers, built a following on social media, paid for all the inventory, worked on the website, dealt with setbacks and have got it this far.

Now we need your help, yes, we need you to buy our gear! I learned one important lesson early in my marketing career, there needs to be demand for your product. The other success factor drilled in my head over and over again is a product needs to be unique, we need to make you, our customer, buy our products instead of the competition.

I think we have it... all of our products will live, breath, smell and sweat the Rocky Mountains. Every design, every product, every thought that goes into this company will revolve around the Rocky Mountains, a place we love and is iconic around the world. All of our products are tested in our backyard.

We've picked a couple of landmarks close to where we live in Alberta as designs for our leashes and collars to start but don't worry, we'll expand.

That's a little bit about us, we'll share more with blog posts, in the meantime, I hope you buy and enjoy our products and please give us feedback as we grow Rocky Mountain Dog.