Australia Animal Relief Donate

Australia Animal Relief Donate

40 and 5, Spend $40 and we will donate $5 to help animals in need during Australia's bush fires

Help animals in Australia's bush fires

We will donate $5 to Animal Welfare League NSW for every $40 purchase on our website. Animal Welfare League NSW is a registered charity that has been caring for surrendered, neglected and abandoned animals for over 60 years in Australia.

40 and 5, Spend $40 and we will donate $5 to help animals in need.

Spend $40
Donate $5
Help animals in need

Help animals in need

So far, Australia's 2019/20 fires have burnt 12 million acres, to give some scale of intensity of these fires, the 2018 California fires burnt 2 million acres. Climate change is real and animals are the most vulnerable. When you buy $40 worth of products on our website we will donate $5 to help these animals. We're calling it $40 and $5. If you need dog gear, your purchase will help animals who desperately need your help.

$40 and $5 Donation Relief Campaign

We have all seen the news about Australia's bush fires and we were trying to figure out how to help when it is so far away. So we put together this donation campaign. We will donate $5 for every $40 cart purchase on our website.

Our donations will go to Animal Welfare League NSW, providing care to surrendered, neglected and abandoned animals across New South Wales and is in desperate need of help with the bush fires.

The $5 donation match for every $40 purchase on the website will start January 6, 2020 and go until January 31, 2020. At the end of the month we will announce how much we are donating to this charity.