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Cascade All Mountain Dog Leash

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The word is out, the Cascade All-Mountain Dog Leash by Rocky Mountain Dog is your everyday leash that blends durability, function and outdoor appeal.

The adjustable leash can be hand-held or worn around your waist for hands-free walking or running.

Key features:

  • Handle clip for hands-free walking or running
  • D-ring and barrel lock for accessories/poo bags
  • Neoprene cushioned handle for easy holding
  • Zero-shock stretchy webbing 
  • Durable webbing
  • Traffic handle for more control
  • 1.8 meters/6 feet long, 25 mm/1 in wide
  • 2.4 meters/8 feet long, 25mm/1 in wide
  • Cascade Mountain inspired design

What People Are Saying

I just wanted to let you know this is the best leash I have ever used. The waist feature in this leash make it 100% easier to safely handle a challenging behavioral large dog without carrying multiple leashes. Thank you for your product. Not only is it beautiful, It really has made a difference in safety and functionality for me and my dog! - Alana F

Leash Features Explained

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Design Inspiration

The Cascade Mountains stretch from British Columbia in Canada to northern California in the United States. This majestic mountain range is a breathtaking symbol of nature's power and grace. We felt this design captures the variety of the scenic trails that wind through the ancient forests, as well as the cascading waterfalls, with their icy waters carving through the landscape with relentless determination. 

It's not just their striking appearance that makes the Cascades special, these mountains are an ecological haven, harboring an astonishing array of flora and fauna. Ancient forests, draped in moss and ferns, house an abundance of wildlife, including elusive creatures like black bears, cougars, and elusive mountain goats. The rich biodiversity found in the Cascade Mountains has earned them recognition as a biological treasure trove, contributing to the health and resilience of the entire region's ecosystem. An easy choice to base a design on.

About the Artist

The artist who designed the Banff design is Nova DeFehr, she moved to Vernon, BC after graduating with her Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design for Marketing in 2008 and has worked for amazing brands across Canada specializing in logo and brand development. 

In fact, she is a big part of Rocky Mountain Dog's brand, designing our logo and our first four leash designs. 

Nova DeFehr with her black lab

Rocky Mountain Dog will always be inspired by the Rocky Mountains in every design and product developed and sold because we are inspired by mountains and the moments created when we're outdoors with our best friend.