• female mountain biking with dogs wearing rexspecs goggles @stephanddogz

    How to Get Your Dog Comfortable Wearing Goggles

    While they’re super cool looking and are sure to garner plenty of attention, dog goggles also serve a purpose beyond making your dog fit in on the slopes.  If you and your pup love seeking out adventures or you have a working dog, it’s important to add dog goggles to your gear kit. UV protection is perhaps the most obvious way that goggles help to protect your dog’s eyes and vision: while UV exposure doesn’t impact dog’s vision in the same way that it does ours, it can lead to dry eyes as well as other conditions, as well as make aggravate eye issues for those dogs who have or are more prone to developing eye conditions like pugs and Boston terriers. But, they’ll also help to protect your dog’s eyes from other irritants like plants, dust, and wind.   Let’s start by taking a look at all the benefits that doggy goggles and dog eye protection can offer.
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