How To Make a Dog Leash Out of Climbing Rope

How To Make a Dog Leash Out of Climbing Rope

Adventure is unquestionably everywhere—and found, conceivably, in anything. These days, it’s even discoverable in style and originality. That’s right: outdoor adventure is having its own fashionable moment. Looking good while climbing mountains isn't a top priority for the average joe, but function and style can go hand in hand—especially for your dog.

Leashes are essential canine accessories, and if you’re in any way outdoorsy, you’ve most likely seen rope leashes on the market today. Unlike other conventional leash materials, the structure of the rope offers sturdiness and durability for dogs of any size. If you’re interested in creating a DYI version of this leash, here’s how to make a dog leash out of climbing rope.

Supplies: What You’ll Need

The paraphernalia you’ll need for the task is simple, depending on the availability of materials. You can order these supplies online or pick them out at a local outdoor sports store. For the leash, you’ll need a sturdy climbing rope measured to your desired length and including an extra couple of feet. Various ropes are pre-cut to a certain length, making 30 feet ideal for your project. Width-wise, six to eight millimeters is ideal for greater control.

Next, you’ll need to pick up a proper, strength-rated locking carabiner. This climbing carabiner is suitable hardware to use for security and control. Finally, gather scissors or a multitool for cutting the rope, a paracord for tying the completed rope, and a lighter.

Step One: Prepare the Rope

Learning how to make a dog leash out of a climbing rope is straightforward. Cutting the rope in half is the first step. After cutting the rope into 15-foot sections, use the lighter to melt the slashed ends and prevent fraying. Once the rope is ready, attach the carabiner to a heavy object and loop each side of the rope cord through it. Ensure all four ends are even, then cross one rope to leave the right end on the top.

Step Two: Loop the Ropes Together

Now it’s time for braiding. Take the left cord and pass it under the cords to its right, pulling it back over the middle cord to become the second rope from the left. Then take the right cord and pass it under the cords to its left, pulling it back over the middle cord to become second from the right. Keep following this weaving sequence, and be sure to pull the ends tight.

Step Three: Tie the Rope Handle and Finish

After the braided rope is about a foot longer than your desired length, you can form the handle. Pull the longest ends through a braided loop, then through another. All braids should pass through two other braid loops. Once again, trim the rope ends and melt them with the lighter. Wrap the paracord around the handle for further security.

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