Health Benefits of Adventuring Outdoors With Your Dog

Health Benefits of Adventuring Outdoors With Your Dog

Since humans and dogs first began coexisting thousands of years ago, the feelings of companionship and love have flourished and today, approximately 35% of Canadian households own a dog! Owning a pup has some incredible benefits including reducing feelings of stress and loneliness and improving cardiovascular health through regular outdoor exercise! Curious about these wondrous advantages? Let’s take a closer at the ultimate health benefits of adventuring outdoors with your dog.

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Boosts Up Physical Fitness

For today's dog owners, reaching and achieving your fitness goals is a whole lot easier with a faithful canine by your side. Enhanced physical fitness is one of the key health benefits of adventuring outdoors with your dog and often, it's so much fun that you forget it's really 'exercise'! While this advantage may be relatively obvious, its importance is undeniable. Outdoor time, besides daily strolls, helps to maintain healthy body weight and physical conditions for both you and your dog! 

Improves Mental Health and Sociability

Loneliness is a challenge for so many people but with a dog by your side you're never truly alone! From the first nose boop in the morning to the last cuddle before bed, your pup is there for you all day long. Walking your dog offers a change of scenery and fresh air that does wonders for mental health. Dogs and humans alike can face boredom, irritability, restlessness, and even depression without a taste of variety in life and as social beings, we have an innate thirst for adventure! Getting off the couch and out of the backyard or neighbourhood works wonders for our mental well-being and physical activities out in the mountains not only boost endorphins to relieve stress but help keep us and our dogs happy!

Provides an Organic Source of Happiness

We don't know about you but here at RMD we find being out in nature provides an undoubtable sense of natural peace and joy. Adventuring with your dog—whether through hiking, camping, backpacking, or swimming— is a mutual activity that you can enjoy together, building up a thriving and enduring bond.

Here at Rocky Mountain Dog, we believe in being free, being wild, and joining in the adventure that exists around us. Browse our products for your next trip today. Reach out to our team with any questions—feedback is always welcomed and appreciated.