Guide To Choosing the Perfect Collar for Your Dog

Guide To Choosing the Perfect Collar for Your Dog

Head collars and flat collars and martingale collars—oh my. Considering the wide array of collar styles, designs, colors, materials, and sizes, how can one choose? How does one know the right collar to purchase for their four legged friend? You may think a collar is just a collar but think again. Dog collars are not mere accessories, these essential pieces of gear are invaluable.

Dog collars have an intentional purpose in the life of our canine companions and whilst any old collar can do the trick in function, what about form, safety and comfort? Every dog is distinctively individual in its personality and lifestyle needs, but fortunately, we’ve compiled a general guide to choosing the perfect collar for your dog. Here’s what you need to know.

Importance: Functions of a Collar

What are you looking for in a collar? All you need to do is break down the qualities you're after in order to narrow your options. Keep in mind that a collar has a few primary functions: it attaches the leash to your dog for control when walking, and it houses I.D. tags for instant identification. In addition to these basics a collar can also offer training opportunities to teach about leash pressure and behaviour modification. Choosing the correct collar can be hugely influential in your dog's behaviour.

Purpose: Type and Style of a Collar

The next step in this guide to choosing the perfect collar for your dog is to consider how you'll use the collar on your dog? For everyday wear? For identification? For training? Simple strolls in the park? Adventurous trips in the great outdoors?

Flat buckled collars are the traditional choice for many collar users. Typically made from nylon or leather, these collars are easy and convenient for pet parents. Alternative options include martingale collars (metal or fabric), head halters and slip collars all of which offer differing levels of training opportunities and depend on your dog’s specific size, breed, or behaviour. If you're looking for more specific advice on using a collar for training purpose then we'd recommend reaching out to a dog trainer in your local area who will be able to give tailored advise based on your individual pup.

Size: Scope and Scale of a Collar

The perfect collar will be safe for both yourself and your four-legged friend to use. Keep in mind that the size and shape of your dog defines his or her need for a suitable width and length of collar - a dog will render any collar that’s too loose or too tight useless and they'll have wriggled out before you can blink! Be sure to accurately measure your dog’s neck before shopping and remember the general rule of thumb is to use the two-finger sizing method to ensure a comfortable, secure fit.

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