Dog Goggles: What Are They for, and Does Your Dog Need Them?

Dog Goggles: What Are They for, and Does Your Dog Need Them?

Dogs might be man’s best friend, but our canine companions see the world differently from the way we do. While humans and dogs alike rely on the retina for everyday vision, our doggos see less color and less sharpness of clarity. Regardless, we should never take the gift of eyesight for granted.

Humans benefit from protective eyewear to care for one of our strongest, most vivid senses. Because of how a canine’s eye functions, serious protective eyewear may be necessary for your four-legged friend as well. Here’s what to know about dog goggles: what are they for, and does your dog need them?

Why Do Dogs Even Wear Goggles?

When humans head outdoors, it’s innately intuitive to grab a pair of sunglasses for the road. We’ve been taught how critical vision protection is to maintain the health of our eyes. However, we don’t often think about animals, or particularly our pets, wearing protective eyewear.

Nevertheless, veterinarians recommend dog goggles either for protection against eye injuries or the sun. Fortunately enough, you can easily train your dog to wear goggles. After getting used to the feel, your dog can become accustomed to routinely wearing eyewear similarly to a leash or a collar.

Medical Necessity: Protection To Prevent Damage

Certain breeds of dogs greatly benefit from wearing dog goggles. Breeds known as brachycephalics have visually prominent eyeballs that are susceptible to cuts or other harm. As such, they’re more likely to have issues with their eyes. Ergo, wearing protective eyewear prevents self-trauma to the eyes.

These goggles also aid canines facing eye pain or discomfort. Without protective measures, dogs recovering from surgery or other eye trauma can complicate their own recovery. Dog goggles assist their recovery by preventing further trauma from scratching, itching, or rubbing their face roughly.

The Active Dog: Protection for Outdoor Adventures

Still curious about dog goggles and what they are for? Does your dog really need them? Keep in mind that wearing goggles should never impede your canine’s lifestyle but rather complement it. Your dog should be able to go about their daily activities, drinking and eating, as well as smoothly navigating their environment with them. Your dog can immensely benefit from wearing goggles if he or she is relatively active in the great outdoors.

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