bow lake sunrise reflection banff alberta

Seven Places to take the Best Sunrise Pictures with your Dog in Alberta

When I started Rocky Mountain Dog I knew regular social media posts meant a lot of trips out to the mountains to take pictures.

I went to places in Banff and Kananaskis taking pictures with Butch in his surroundings.

I was always out during the day oblivious to the lighting conditions until I started to read and watch blogs about photography. 

After my first time taking pictures at sunrise the light bulbs went off and I realized that's when I should be taking my pictures during the magic hour at sunrise and sunset (ahhh... no kidding, lol!)

It makes such a big difference. I started going out early to take pictures last winter (2019) when it was bone-chilling cold... -30C.

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Vermillion Lakes 

Vermillion Lakes is great, it's easy to get to, it's not time-consuming and the scenery is awe-inspiring. The secret about Vermillion Lakes are the options you have to take pictures there. 

There are many angles you can choose from along the road to take pictures so don't stop driving, some of the best shots are towards the end of the road.

duck toller dog at vermillion lakes with rundle mountain banff alberta

Butch at Vermillon Lakes early Summer Morning

duck toller dog at vermillion lakes banff alberta

Butch walking across the view Vermillion Lakes, Banff, Alberta

Two Jack Lake

The great thing about Two Jack Lake is nobody goes there. Okay, there will be a few people in the morning but compared to other places, even during the day, it's much quieter. The lake is usually glass early in the morning and when the sun hits the top of Rundle Mountain, it's magic. 

duck toller dog looking at a duck at two jack lake banff alberta

Butch staring down a goose at Two Jack Lake, Banff, Alberta

Purple sunrise at Two Jack Lake Banff Alberta

Purple sunrise at Two Jack Lake, Banff, Alberta


It's easy to get a great shot of Cascade Mountain when you're up early getting a coffee at McDonald's on Banff Avenue. Check out our Banff series all-mountain dog leashes and alpine dog collars for your pup at the Banff Dog House if you go!

banff avenue sunrise with cascade mountain

Banff Avenue at Sunrise

Bow Lake

It's definitely a further drive but it's worth it to head out to Bow Lake for sunrise. There is nobody there and it's easy to get to once you park.

 Duck toller dog on bridge at bow lake

Butch on the bridge at Bow Lake

Three Sisters

Three Sisters at Sunrise is magical, especially in the winter with all the trees covered in snow. Check out our Canmore All-Mountain Dog Leash and Alpine Collar if this is your favourite mountain, it is literally in the design of our gear.

duck toller dog at three sisters, alberta sunrise in the winter

Butch at Three Sisters, Canmore, Alberta

Wedge Pond

If you want a picture that is not on everyone's Instagram feed then check out Wedge Pond! It is an easy location to get to from Calgary, located in Kananaskis Country just after Mount Kidd campground. It is really easy to walk down to from the parking lot and the views at sunrise are amazing. 

wedge pond kananaskis

Wedge Pond Sunrise, Kananaskis

Lake Louise

Lake Louise is the golden jewel in Banff. The mountains, hikes and lakes within a 10 mile radius of Lake Louise are the most beautiful places on earth. You can make 10, top 10 lists from this iconic location alone. We did an accidental hike up to the little beehive in the summer of 2020 and it was mind blowing... and cold (lol...). Always bring a toque to the Rocky Mountains!

butch dog little beehive lake louise

Butch up at Little Beehive, Lake Louise

Lake Louise, Mirror Lake, Lake Agnes

Lake Louise, Mirror Lake, Lake Agnes

Oyama Lake

This one is not in Alberta but it was a great spot. Oyama Lake is in the Okanagan, British Columbia. It's a bit of a drive but there is Oyama Lake Resort where you can stay and the sunrises there are beautiful.

duck toller dog at sunrise with cabin and at oyama lake british columbia

Butch looking at the lake during sunrise at Oyama Lake, British Columbia.

When you go to the mountains for sunrise pictures or just heading out there for a fun hike with your pup, grab some RMD gear for your adventures. We have the best harnesses, leashes and collars tested right here in the Rocky Mountains.