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Best Off-Leash Dog Parks in B.C.

Between bustling major cities, the Rocky Mountains, nearly 26,000 kilometres of coastline, rivers, and lakes galore, and hundreds of beaches, dogs and their humans have a lot to love about British Columbia.

Even better, there is an abundance of off-leash dog parks to explore throughout these stunning spaces. Perfect complements to their surroundings, BC's dog parks often include beaches, river access, or hiking trails (and in some cases, all three in one park!). 

To help plan your next outing with your pup, our team at Rocky Mountain Dog did all the leg work and came up with this list of 16 of the province's best leash-free dog parks. There's truly something for everyone here, with options all over BC. All that's left to do is pick your destination, then grab one of your favourite leashes for dogs on the way out!

Off-Leash Dog Parks in Vancouver

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McDonald Beach Dog Park

With a long swath of beach on the Fraser River, grassy fields, mountain views, and plenty of seating with tables, it's easy to see why this 26.1-acre park is one of the most highly-rated leash-free dog parks in the Vancouver area. Note that it's technically in Richmond, just outside the Vancouver core and right near the airport. 

There are some guidelines for the dogs off-leash area. You have to carry a leash at all times, and the dogs must be licensed.

If your dog is a swimmer, one thing to note: the area is unsafe for swimming. There are, unfortunately, no lifeguards at the beach, and Fraser River is known to have a very strong current.

  • Address: 3500 McDonald Rd, Richmond, BC V7B 1M4
  • Directions

Hadden Park/Vancouver Maritime Museum

Hadden Dog Beach is more of a traditional sandy beach, situated on English Bay in a calm cove. It's the best of both worlds, a true beach and a true dog park with a grass area, pleasing pups and humans of all types. Importantly, there are specific hours when dogs are allowed to be off-leash here. In the summer, those hours are 6-10:00 am and 5-10:00 pm. The rest of the year, it's all day, from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm.

  • Address: 1000 Chestnut St, Vancouver, BC V6J 3J9
  • Directions

Pacific Spirit Regional Park

Most of this park's 73 kilometres of trails are leash-optional (although a few do require leashes for dogs), so it's a wonderful place to explore together and get a literal breath of fresh air. The thick forest and wooden boardwalk paths will make you feel like you're far removed from civilization, yet you're in the heart of the city. 

  • Address: 5495 Chancellor Blvd, Vancouver, BC V6T 1E4
  • Directions

Charleson Dog Park

This sprawling park near downtown and the Seawall has two separate off-leash areas: the open grassy area on the shores of False Creek, and the 'waterfall pond,' which is fenced. Dogs are welcome to play in the water in the enclosure, but note they are NOT permitted in the duck pond and must be on a leash in that area. 

  • Address: 999 Charleson Street, Vancouver, BC V5Z 4A2
  • Directions

Off-Leash Dog Parks in Victoria

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Oswald Park

Although Oswald Park is a small neighbourhood park, the dog park section is quite spacious. It's fully fenced, and the other side of the park is a playground. A walking path circles the whole area, so this is one of the best leash-free dog parks in Victoria for families. 

  • Address: 3031 Cedar Hill Rd, Victoria, BC V8T 3J2
  • Directions

Victoria West Dog Park

This is one of the largest parks in Victoria, and it has a fantastic off-leash dog area. Technically, it has two—one is fully fenced, and one is open.

The fenced-in area has sand and gravel, along with large boulders for dogs to run and jump over, while the open section adjacent to it is a big grassy field. You can make a full-day outing of your visit, as this park has several amenities, including a skate park, playground, and a Starbucks across the street.

  • Address: 125 Wilson St #145, Victoria, BC
  • Directions

Songhees Hillside Park

Situated in the middle of a group of condo towers, Songhees is a little-known off-leash dog park. It's a fairly small grassy area bordered by manicured gardens and offers fantastic views of the Inner Harbour. Despite not having any enclosures, the condo buildings and gardens act as natural barriers, keeping dogs pretty well contained.   

  • Address: 40 Saghalie Rd, Victoria, BC V9A 6Z6
  • Directions

Clover Point Park/Dallas Waterfront

Last but certainly not least, this off-leash dog park is downtown within one of Victoria's crown jewels, the Dallas Road waterfront. The area is quite large, including not only Clover Point Park but also spanning the edge of Beacon Hill Park. It's a beautiful oceanfront space that includes paths as well as a huge off-leash area. It isn't enclosed, and the waterfront gets quite busy, so your dog should be well-socialized and have solid recall.

  • Address: 1250 Dallas Rd, Victoria, BC V8V 1C4
  • Directions

Off-Leash Dog Parks in Kelowna

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Ellison Dog Park

Located directly behind the airport, Ellison Dog Park offers a sensory feast for dogs and humans alike. Pups run around the large enclosed area, which includes a spacious area for smaller breeds, while their owners enjoy watching planes land and take off. There are also several well-maintained walking paths.  

  • Address: 4720 Old Vernon Rd, Kelowna, BC V1X 7V6
  • Directions

Cedar Creek Dog Park

Not all off-leash dog parks have their own beach, but Cedar Creek does! Unsurprisingly, it's one of Kelowna's most popular destinations for dog owners, especially on hot days. In addition to Okanagan Lake access, the upper section of the dog park is an open grassy area. Keep a close eye on your buddy, though, because it sits right off of busy Lakeshore Drive.

  • Address: 5167 Lakeshore Rd, Kelowna, BC V1W 4J2
  • Directions

Knox Mountain Dog Park

Knox Mountain offers a lot of bang for the buck. Beyond the large field and fenced off-leash area, you also have restrooms, fantastic views, and direct access to several trails traversing Knox Mountain itself. Note that the trails require dogs to be leashed; only the designated dog park is off-leash.

  • Address: 450 Knox Mountain Drive, Kelowna, BC V1Y 9X3
  • Directions

Kalamoir Regional Park

Across the lake in West Kelowna, this lakefront park has two designated dog beaches. While dogs play in the sand and swim, their owners enjoy amenities, including restrooms and a dock with a kayak and canoe launch. There's also a network of on-leash trails, so don't forget to bring your best leash for those long walks!

  • Address: 3041 Collens Hill Rd, West Kelowna, BC V1Z 1X5
  • Directions

Off-Leash Dog Parks in Abbotsford

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McKay Creek Park/Sumas Canal Dyke

Not technically a dog park, but rather a series of dog-friendly gravel trails, this is a popular place for pups and their owners to get some exercise year-round. Dogs are not permitted in the river, so it's very important to have them under voice control and close by. 

  • Address: Mackay Creek Trail, Abbotsford, BC V3G 2H4
  • Directions

Stoney Creek Off Leash Dog Park/Bateman Park

Between the adjacent Stoney Creek and Bateman parks, there are three designated off-leash areas for dogs. Two are actually trails that follow alongside the creek, and one is a large enclosed dog park. Like at McKay Creek Park, dogs aren't allowed in the creek. 

  • Address: 34638 Bateman Rd, Abbotsford, BC V2S 7Y8
  • Directions

Gladwin Park

Sometimes also called the Discovery Trail Dog Park, this park is actually a large open green space that backs up to the Abbotsford Exhibition Park. The dog park, which has separate fenced areas for small and large dogs, connects to several popular trails, including the Discovery Trail and the one that circles the exhibition centre.

  • Address: 3555 Gladwin Rd, Abbotsford, BC V2T 4Z5
  • Directions

Clearbrook Park

Clearbrook Park is very close to Gladwin, and is one of the city's newest leash-free dog parks. It has a very large fenced enclosure, with a smaller one within it for small or shy dogs. The park provides dog water stations and waste bags, and there are a handful of benches for humans. 

  • Address: 3680 Clearbrook Rd, Abbotsford, BC V2T 6N3
  • Directions

Off-Leash Dog Parks in Vernon

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Mutrie Dog Park

This one’s one of the largest and most popular parks in the region, because one, Mutrie Dog Park is fully fenced and allows your furry buddy to run around leash-free, enjoying the freedom. Two, it has a separate section for smaller breeds, so you don’t have to stress about your little guy getting into a tussle with the big boys at the dog park. 

  • Address: 3985 Mutrie Rd, Vernon, BC V1T 9C8
  • Directions

Mission Hill Dog Park

Nestled in the picturesque Mission Hill Park, Mission Hill Dog Park offers a delightful outdoor experience for your buddy. For the most part, the park is off-leash. But there are certain sections that impose restrictions, so watch out for those. The park isn’t fully fenced, so if your dog isn’t trained for verbal recall, you might want to keep the leash on.  

  • Address: 3876 15 Ave, Vernon, BC V1T 8H4
  • Directions

For more information on dog parks (on- and off-leash), check out the City of Vernon’s Dog Park map.

Off-Leash Dog Parks in Prince George

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Corporal Darren Fitzpatrick Bravery Park

In High Hartlands' vicinity, near Dagg Road, Corporal Darren Fitzpatrick Bravery Park houses a fenced dog park where pets can roam freely with their owners. The park includes a designated leash transitioning area. Moreover, it has two distinct sections catering to both active and less active, smaller, or older dogs. You have pet waste bins present as well, so you don’t have to carry a poop bag with you all day. 

Duchess Park

This park features a large, fully fenced area with a double-gated entryway where you can leash and unleash your pets. There are ample seating options and a dog water fountain. If you have a small or senior dog, you’re in luck because the park has a separate fenced section for that. 

Ingledew Park

With two acres of green space on 17th Avenue nestled between Connaught Hill Park and Lheidli T'enneh Memorial Park, this park offers a fully fenced open space with multiple gated entrances. You have plenty of seating areas and picnic tables where you can sit and enjoy the view while your furry buddy runs around freely. 

  • Address: Ingledew St, Prince George, BC V2L 1K6
  • Directions

Important Note: Make sure to read about pet etiquette and rules for each park. The designated off-leash parks permit a maximum of two dogs per individual.

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