Adventurous Weekend Trips You Can Take With Your Dog

Adventurous Weekend Trips You Can Take With Your Dog

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again—man’s best friends are our greatest adventure buddies. Humans and dogs have been and continue to be reliable friends that share lots of time and companionship. The scope of the adventures we tackle with our four-legged friends is vast and can even be limitless if you believe in the full capabilities of their minds and spirits.

As springtime moves along and the days get longer, you can get out, get moving, and make memories that’ll last forever. Here’s a general guide on a few adventurous weekend trips you can take with your dog. Whether you’re a meticulous planner or someone who simply follows your whims, there are exciting possibilities everywhere.

Head to the Beach: Time To Get Away

There’s nothing better than some good old fun in the sun. Beaches across the nation welcome canines and their owners year-round for romps in the sand and other activities, such as paddle-boarding, boating, or sailing. As with any adventurous weekend trip that you can take with your dog, safety should come first. Always keep the weather and temperature in mind. You’ll also want to practice extra caution when you’re near or in the water or spending long periods in the sun’s scorching heat.

Into the Woods: A Camping Story

Every minute, hour, or day a dog spends in the woods is a thrill-seeking adventure for them. Head out to a local nature preserve or a dog-friendly campsite for an overnight expedition in the wilderness. Spend time in the great outdoors together, watch the sunset, play games, or stargaze. Our four-legged friends are extremely attuned to their surroundings and the world around them and make wonderful, warm snuggle buddies in cool tents at night.

Climb Every Mountain: The Sound of Nature

You can’t climb every mountain with your dog, but you can hit the road for a weekend trip to spend some time on a dog-friendly trail. Various state parks across the country welcome canine hikers. Still, make sure to double-check and verify the general rules and off-leash regulations of each specific location.

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