Outdoor Dog Leash

Outdoor Dog Leash

We love our pets they are the reason why we constantly have smiles on our faces. I love my dog that is why I can say, "I only want the best for him." One thing my dog and I have in common is the mutual love for the outdoors. We can spend hours just roaming outside and taking in the fresh air and the abundance that nature has to offer.

Sometimes my furbaby has to be on a leash in the parks we go to depending on the rules. We at Rocky Mountain Dog, have seen the need to give our best friend an excellent outdoor dog leash that encompasses our values without limiting his freedom that he so richly deserves.

Our main focus is to give you and your dog wonderful experiences in the mountains. This should be an adventure without limitations. We have designed two of the finest dog leases for just this very occasion.

Moraine All-Mountain Dog Leash

There has been a lot of time and effort invested in bringing forth this amazing product. It is everything you would want in an outdoor dog leash. It incorporates, functionality, durability and outdoor appeal. The appeal factor is something we thought about vigorously because we wanted to bring that unique feel to all of our products. All designs are based on the Rocky Mountains because we are inspired by the mountains and fresh air, we just wanted that love to come across in our designs.

Learn more about the Moraine All-Mountain Leash.

The lease is very versatile, it can either be used as a handheld or around your waist giving you more room to maneuver or get your hiking gear out of the trunk. With the versatility of the leash around your waist, you can easily go on hands-free walks or running.

Rundle All-Mountain Dog Leash

Just as impressive as the Moraine All-Mountain Dog Leash is the Rundle All-Mountain Dog Leach. Another important factor is the design of the leash it shows the Rundle Mountain the peak that towers over the town of Banff, Alberta, it is one of the most picturesque sites in Banff national park.

This all-purpose outdoor dog leash has a sliding release buckle which enables you to adjust the length or unclip the buckle and attach it to a post as an added feature. There is also a zero shock absorber for cushion pulling while you are on a hike or run.

Learn more about the Rundle All-Mountain Dog Leash.


This is just two of the many products we offer to you and your best friend. All of these experiences is what makes Rocky Mountain Dog so successful. Without you ( the dog lovers) none of this would be possible. Take your dog and experience all adventures that your pet deserves with a leash that is made specifically for the Rocky Mountains