Kim & Billie

Kim & Billie

Kim lives in the beautiful Canadian Rocky Mountains of Canmore, AB. She spends her weekdays spoiling her Bernese Mountain dog, Billie, while working from home as an insurance account manager. Her weekends are spent enjoying the outdoors. Her favorite hobbies, in no specific order, include: hiking, backcountry skiing, camping, traveling, scuba diving, mountain biking and eating mac & cheese.

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What is your favorite activity to do with your dog(s)?

I love hiking with Billie but her favorite activity is definitely backcountry skiing. She loves to chase us when it’s time to go downhill.

What do you love most about your dog(s)?

I love how she has a lot of energy for a Bernese Mountain dog and is always up for a good adventure. I also love how tired she gets after a good hike/ ski day and all she wants to do is cuddle on the couch, eat snacks and watch TV.

Where is your favorite place to go hiking?

Anywhere in the Rockies! We’re so lucky to have access to so many trails right in our backyard. If it’s a warm day, any trail that has a lake as an objective is always a win with Billie!

What other activities do you do with your dog(s)?

We started paddle boarding with her as a puppy and she’s getting better and better at it. But to our surprise, she’s a very good swimmer and prefers to spend her time jumping on and off the board… (Bernese Mountain dogs are not known to be good swimmers.)

What is your favorite RMD product?

My fave adventure combo is the Summit All-Terrain Dog Harness with the All Mountain 8 Ft Dog Leash. The harness is adjustable and the handle at the top is super useful when I need to quickly grab Billie to keep her close to me when passing other people or other dogs on the trails. The waist feature on the leash is a game changer, especially when skiing. It frees up my hands so I can still use my poles. It doesn’t hurt that these 2 products come in such fun colors and amazing designs.

Why would you recommend RMD Products?

Because they are a local business and their products are unique, durable and of good quality. I love how their designs are inspired by the beautiful national parks and mountains that surround us.

What is your next adventure?

Lots of ski touring days ahead of us (now that the snow is finally here). We purchased a new 3-person backcountry tent at the end of last Summer and we can’t wait to put it to good use. We used to have a 2-person tent and you can imagine how cozy it was with 2 adults and a 90 lbs dog in there.

Anything else you would like us to know?

Funny fact: Every time we meet people on the trails, they either call Billie a Saint Bernard, a Burmese (which is a cat breed) or ask where the whiskey barrel is. I’m sure other Bernese Mountain dog owners can relate.


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