Paws & Trails: A Guide to Choosing the Best Dog Leash for Hiking

Paws & Trails: A Guide to Choosing the Best Dog Leash for Hiking

“No scene had ever given me an equal impression of inspiring solitude and rugged grandeur."

The captivating words of Walter Wilcox, who discovered Moraine Lake and its stunning beauty well over a century ago in 1899, instantly remind us of the enduring allure of the Rocky Mountains.

At Rocky Mountain Dog, our mission is to capture the essence of those majestic, rugged landscapes and incorporate them into every product we craft for your dog. We are so inspired by the mountains of western Canada, feel such a deep connection to them, and do not take it for granted that they're right in our backyard! Our hope is that, in some small way, our company adds a bit of that same sense of awe and wonder to your adventures with your pup.

A man holding a dog on a leash at the snowy mountain near Moraine Lake

As you know, having the right gear is crucial to every adventure, whether big or small. Whether you're checking out a new local dog park, enjoying your favourite dog-friendly patio, or trekking through Banff, it's important to have the best dog leash for hiking.

What makes a hiking leash the 'best?' We're glad you asked.

Design Meets Nature's Splendor

If it came across like we were exaggerating just how inspired we were by the Rocky Mountains earlier, well, we weren't. Our passion for Mother Nature, and the Rockies specifically, finds its way into every aspect of our leash designs (and other products, too, for that matter, including collars and dog bandanas). From the rugged peaks of Canmore to the serene beauty of Banff and the untamed wilderness of the Kootenays, each hiking leash we make features designs inspired by these iconic natural playgrounds.

Durable Beyond Measure

Two brown and white beagles sitting in the grass in nosehill park, calgary, wearing Rocky Mountain Dog leashes and harnesses

The nylon webbing we use for our hiking leashes isn't just visually appealing; it's functional and exceedingly tough, too. All too familiar with the demands of an active outdoor lifestyle, we've meticulously engineered our leashes to withstand the rigours of the great outdoors. And we mean that literally—we test all our products right here, in the rugged terrain of the Rockies.

Length Matters

To give you the most maneuverability on the trail, we offer our hiking leashes in lengths of six feet (1.8 meters) or eight feet (2.4 meters). Our Canadian Rockies Dog Leash even comes in a 15-foot length (4.6 meters). Choose the length you and your pup are most comfortable with, where you can still maintain control and you'll both have ample room to explore safely on the trail.

The Freedom & Convenience of Going Hands-Free

Since we mentioned safely exploring the trail, one of the hallmarks of our hiking leash for dogs is its hands-free versatility. Our innovative design features an adjustable strap that can quickly and easily secure around your waist, leaving your hands free. Navigate challenging terrain that requires a bit of a scramble, snap some photos, or enjoy a trail snack. The leash's barrel lock and D-ring also allow you to clip on accessories, like a poop bag. 

Check out our hands-free leash collection here.

Built-in Shock Absorbers

Sometimes, even the most highly trained dogs pull during walks. This can catch you off guard even on a familiar, level city street, never mind uneven hiking terrain. That's exactly why our best hiking leashes for dogs are made with bungee elastic, which acts as a built-in shock absorber. It subtly but effectively softens the impact when your dog suddenly pulls, reducing strain on you both. At the same time, the soft, ergonomic handle helps you maintain a secure yet comfortable grip.

Traffic Handles for Added Safety

When adventuring—or even just strolling around—in Canada, there are some unique concerns. In addition to regular traffic, you may encounter unexpected obstacles such as wildlife. Rabbits, deer, coyotes, bears, and moose are all par for the course in the Rockies, sometimes even in congested areas.

For those moments when you quickly need to shorten your dog's lead or get a firmer grip, our leashes have an integrated traffic handle at the base. 

Low-Maintenance Gear

After a long day on the trails, the last thing you want to worry about is cleaning your gear—much less your pup's. That's why we designed our leashes to be easily washable with just warm, soapy water. Simply let your hiking leash drip dry after a quick wash, and it'll be ready for your next adventure, looking as good as new.

Local Commitment with a Global Reach

We're proud of our Rocky Mountain heritage, but we want to share it with everyone. With worldwide shipping and a 30-day return policy, we're committed to ensuring that every single customer, both the human and four-legged types, is satisfied with their purchase.

You can trust Rocky Mountain Dog to provide the quality and reliability you need to make lasting memories with your pup, wherever it is you explore.

Buy the Best Leash for Hiking 

Choosing the right hiking leash for dogs is about so much more than just functionality. We can't deny the importance of that, of course, but it's also about the journey of discovery and exploration with your canine companion by your side.

With Rocky Mountain Dog, you're not just purchasing the best hiking leash; you're making a small investment in a lifetime of unforgettable adventures.

So, as you and Fido gear up for your next excursion, choose durable dog leashes that are as adventurous as you both are.

Stay wild, stay curious—and above all—thirsty for adventure.