Best Dog Leash for Hiking

Best Dog Leash For Hiking

“no scene had ever given me an equal impression of inspiring solitude and rugged grandeur."

These words were said over 100 years ago by Walter Wilcox, as he discovered Moraine Lake. These words encompass our desire to bring forth products for your dog that will live forever in your memories. The beauty that he saw on that day is exactly the kind of products we want your dog to have, which is why The Rocky Mountains are so intriguingly incorporated in our designs.

The best dog leash for hiking should have some grandeur upon the impression it makes when hiking with your dog. It may sound a bit too passionate but that is exactly what differentiates us from the rest.

We still new in this space but our commitment to deliver the best dog leashes for hiking is second to none. Our Moraine All-Mountain Dog Leash and the Rundle All-Mountain Dog Leash are excellent choices when considering a leash.

Where to boast with your new leash

Finding that perfect place to try out your new leash can be tricky. We have compiled a list of places you need to take your dog to have some great experiences while hiking.

Lily Mountain
This is one of those trails that you will revisit again and again. It is located just past mile marker 5 and just before mile marker 6 when heading back from Estes Park. The wooden path is marvelous all year round.

Buchanan pass trail, Roosevelt national forest
This park adjacent to the Middle Saint Vrain Creek. It does not offer much elevation but there are miles for the dogs to explore. In July and August, you get dazzled with abundant wildflowers on the trail.

Crosier Mountain, Glen Haven
There are 3 different trails leading you to an elevation of 10 000 feet. The views are spectacular overlooking the whole of Estes Valley. The steady elevation as you make your way up will make a nice workout for you and your pup. If you are lucky you will be able to see mule deer or elk. The trails do vary in length from 7 miles toll over 9 miles depending on which one you take.

119 Loop, Pierson Park
Situated near Forest Service road 119. You can drive as far as you want to with your vehicle but keep in mind that the road is gated part of the year so don’t park in front of it. After no time at all, you will reach 119 Loop. You can maintain the course with your dog or go exploring into the quiet meadows, trailside streams, and even a tranquil pond.

These are just some of the trails you and your furry friend can hike in the Rocky Mountain region. Purchasing the best dog leash for hiking will make one of these adventures more satisfying. We will bring you more places to hike with your dog in future blogs so be sure to visit our page again. We do it for the love of dogs.