Best Dog Harness for Hiking

Mountain peaks, pine trees, the smell of fresh rain and the cheerful chirping of birds, this is the perfect hiking day. The trail can be daunting at times but with our most faithful companion by our side, these obstacles become inferior to the joy we have with our dogs outside.

Going hiking in the mountains is both exhilarating and daunting at the same time. This is why our mission at Rocky Mountain Dog is to make your experiences as memorable as possible.

It is a well-known fact that people don’t always know which dog harness to purchase when heading out into the mountains. It is best to consider these points for overall peace of mind.

dog wearing harness

Comfort and Utility

Comfort and utility is something we carry close to our hearts when creating our dog harnesses. We know our pups need to be comfortable when we're hiking and we need the harness to be practical. These two factors to be paramount in making the best dog harness for hiking.

All the dogs will be enviest of your dog on the trail with fashion-forward designs of the Rocky Mountains apparent in the harness, built for strength and durability.

The harness has a mesh inside that breathes for ultimate comfort, the buckles at the back and front adjust for the ultimate fit, the material is super durable and the harness is built to be practical with reflective trimming for night vision.

We don’t just stop there we have apparel for you too. Match up with your beloved companion with a Rocky Mountain Unisex hoodie or a Racer Back Tank Top for girls. This is just one of the ways we solidify your bond and experiences with your dog.


Features are important and this is exactly what separates our dog harnesses from the bland and inefficient harnesses you would normally find in retail stores. The harnesses come with ring clips on the back and front giving you the flexibility on how much control you want.

best dog harness for hiking

The material is strong and comfortable with reflective trimming for night vision. We've gone to extreme lengths to make the best dog harness for hiking.


We love dogs and will continue to love and create meaningful ways in which we can have an unbreakable bond with them. Visit our website regularly for updates and new products for your dog’s next adventure. We wish you happy travels and enjoy the journey instead of the destination, that's where all the fun happens.