organic paw cream
organic paw cream
organic paw cream
organic paw cream
organic paw cream
organic paw cream
organic paw cream
organic paw cream

Organic Paw and Nose Cream

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Protect. Soothe. Repair

Protect your pup’s paws from harsh outdoor elements like snow, ice, salt and the jagged rocks of the Rocky Mountains. Our paw cream soothes and repairs dry, cracked pads with our healing organic, safe-to-lick paw and nose wax balm! Great for dogs who do not like to wear boots or booties. Every batch is handcrafted in Calgary, Alberta with healing beeswax and organic ingredients. (2-ounce silver tin)


Organic Beeswax is antibacterial, antimicrobial and helps protect and heal paws

Organic Shae Butter vitamins and fats in this butter help repair dry, chapped pads

Organic Olive Oil is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, while the olive oil softens pads

Organic Coconut Oil contains vitamin E and healthy fats which smooths paws


To protect noses or paw pads from harsh elements like ice, salt, snow and jagged rocks apply liberally just before a walk or hike. For paws, be sure to massage a thick layer onto pads as well as in-between toes.


After a hike or long day, massage a thin layer into paw pads to soothe, moisturize and repair worn, cracked, dry or damaged paw pads and dab a bit on the nose if needed. No worries if your pup licks it, it’s safe and it will still do the job!


The protective and healing beeswax makes this product firm to the touch. From the tin, dig a scoop of wax out with your thumb, then briefly warm and rub it between your fingers and palm to warm it. This will help it soften enough to massage onto your dog with your fingers.

Beeswax does harden or soften depending on the temperature, so it’s best to store it at room temperature, in the cupboard. If the container is exposed to cold temps and the wax is hard, scoop some out and hold in your palm until it softens, or allow the container to warm up before using. Likewise, if summer heat begins to melt the wax, simply stick it in a cooler or fridge to harden.