Dog Harness Leash

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Dog Harness Leash or Collar Leash for the Outdoor Dog?

Just like a collar leash, the dog harness leash has its own benefits and purposes. Ultimately, the breed of dog you have should be the determining factor in what kind of leash you use for walking and identification purposes. For some dogs like Frenchies, pugs, and bulldogs, a collar might not be the best choice for walking as collars can be a bit chokey for these dogs. Plus, collars for some dogs have been linked to problems you'd want to avoid like heat stroke and neck injuries.

Bigger, more athletic dogs can pretty much wear a collar or a harness. Just remember that harnesses encourage pulling, so it's a lot harder to control a bigger, stronger dog with a harness that it is with a leash.

Some people prefer to use collars to teach their dogs basic obedience commands. Collars are also very good at keeping dogs from jumping on people and pulling, which again, a harness encourages. It's perfectly fine to use a collar or a harness, but for this particular purpose, a collar might be more suited. Still, keep the breed in mind!

What About the Ease of Use?

One of the big turn-offs regarding the use of harnesses over collars is the fact that harnesses aren't meant to be worn at all times. Harnesses can lead to rashes and bald spots on your dog if they're never taken off. Often times, people prefer to stick with collars because they're more readily available and they're relatively comfortable for pooches to wear all the time.

Since you have to take the harness off after every walk, it increases the chances of you losing the harness and then not having the tool you need to walk your dog later. Collars definitely win the battle in this competition. So what's the verdict? Collar or harness?

Which One Should You Own?

To be honest, you should probably own both. Collars can be worn at all times, meaning that your dogs can wear their ID tags at all times, which is one of the most important things about a collar - if not the most important thing! As far as walking is concerned, both harnesses and collars are awesome tools. Just remember, high-strung dogs, dogs with respiratory problems, and dogs that are more prone to neck injuries are served better by a harness when walking. Buy a premium dog harness leash and a collar leash right here at