Dog Collar Harness

At Rocky Mountain Dog, you can find a dog collar, harness, and leash for any size dog made specifically for outdooring. Crafted from the finest materials, our premium fabric collars, harnesses, and leashes will last for many years to come and are capable of enduring anything nature can throw at them.

What Kind of Dog Collar or Harness Should I Buy?

If you are thinking about getting a harness for your dog, but you aren't sure which kind of style, fit, and function would be best suited for your pooch, there are basically three kinds of harnesses to consider. Body harnesses are a great tool and are often seen as being more humane than collars. Harnesses give you great control over the dog while giving your dog more comfortability during the walk. With the right harness, most dogs will adjust in no time.

Back Clip Harness

This is a standard dog harness with a ring that the leash clips onto on top of the dog's back. For many dogs, this is the easiest kind of harness for them to get used to. Best of all, back clip harnesses keep the leash from tangling. The back clip harness is especially useful for dogs who are high-strung during walks and tend to pull on the leash, putting themselves at risk of choking and or neck injury.

Front Clip Harness

A front clip harness will give you more control than traditional flat collars or back clip harnesses. These are great harnesses that clip in front of the dog's chest. The front clip harness is ideal for dogs who like to pull on the leash as well as for reactive or fearful dogs. The front clip harness makes it easy to turn the dog around to face you quickly. This is a great non-harmful and gentle way to redirect your dog's attention and prevent them from pulling if they're a big puller.

Tightening Harness

This is a great option for those really determined leash pullers. This harness works by adding a little bit of pressure when the dog pulls. The slight tightening will be mildly unpleasant for your dog and gently hinder further pulling. Be cautious though! Some harnesses can hinder pulling and stop jumping, but they can be very uncomfortable for your pet and actually restrict leg movement. Look for a tightening harness than only tightens to a very small fixed degree.

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Most dogs adjust easily to a harness, but there are some dogs who are fearful of them, whether it's being clipped, put on over their heads, or taken off. For that reason, it's very important to make it a positive experience for any dog with fear or hesitation with harnesses. If your dog has problems with a harness, try giving them a treat with the sound of buckling or clipping the harness together. This way, there's a positive association with the sound of the harness. In the meantime, to find a hiking harness or a dog collar harness made for the outdoors, check out our selection today.