It all starts with Butch, he's our inspiration, he's our star. I got Butch when he was 3 months old in the Fall of 2016. Over time, you will be the star, your dog, your moments but we needed a spark, and that spark was Butch.

Butch running in the river


We spend a lot of our time at home working, relaxing and sleeping, not in the mountains. There was a lot of reflection on how to start Rocky Mountain Dog, what it stood for and what the story was. 

Butch on my desk helping me with work

That requires a lot of thinking, mistakes (yes, mistakes), being lazy, honing your skills and listening. I'm an introvert naturally and I would say Butch is too so a lot can happen when it is quiet, when you're alone, when you have time to work.

I say lazy because that's when ideas come in and out of your head. Laziness acts as a filter to only work on ideas that are worth your time. It's in those quiet times that you evaluate crappy ideas from good ones. 

What I've realized is that most of your ideas that you try to make a reality with a business will fail. You have to have the "killer" idea and you have to have the ability to execute it. 

And that is extremely hard to do. So I am okay to stay dormant, to be patient until something is truly worth putting all your effort into it. 

Because what it really comes down to is putting in a ton of work and pushing yourself to the edge which is an uncomfortable feeling sometimes.

So yes, I think Rocky Mountain Dog is that killer idea! Let's hope it works because it's a lot of work!